Friday, October 20, 2006

official announcement

With this post, I officially announce that I has moved my blog to :
new blog

I have exported all my blogposts here at blogspot to that new wordpress blog. So no worry that you can't find my older posts.

Finally I decided to move. =) sob.. why does this feel so sentimental? :'(


Monday, October 16, 2006


To move or not to move, that is the question

Sylvia Giacinta, blogger and daydreamer, 2006

Moving or not yahh.. Cannot make up my mind leh.. Dunno wat to do.. So blur already...

Whoops. My Singlish is getting worse. Or.. better? Nevertheless, excuse me. :-p

Can anyone please give suggestion.. Should I move from this beloved blogspot blog to that "geeky" wordpress blog?
I mean, yea I should say wordpress is nice. So many plug-ins to choose. I can make my blog really cool. (and geeky) Maybe there's not a lot of template-modifying options than there is for blogger. And it's very ma fan (sorry cannot find a link to explain ma fan. cannot find an english word to explain either) to change the template. I hate using FTP just to change my template. In blogger, I just copy-paste and done!

Oh ya, in case you haven't seen my brand-new spanking wordpress blog, here it is. I will not make a hyperlinked text here. Here it is >>>
Another service from the free URL redirection service. Hahahaha.

Ahh I'm gonna have a presentation today. Calculus presentation. I daresay I'm good at presentation, but calculus????? Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!


To someone. I'm missing you. Want to feel your broad shoulders.. Can you please not turn away from me? Can you please care me as I want?
What a not-nice feeling to have with you.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Closing Time....

This is dedicated to my fellow SMUggers...

Our favorite song all along...

enjoy guys!

little information for people who don't understand...
This song is always played when the Li Ka Shing Library is closing... (12 AM) Hahahaha..

Friday, October 13, 2006

What a funny thing to be...

I still remember that nite when that bad ugly f**kin' depression syndrome came out.

I was crying like crazy. And I pinched my left arm so hardly that it left a bruise. 3, to be exact.

It was because my mom didn't allow me to enter SMU, and I had to continue in UPH instead.

After that nite, my nites are so.... Ugly.
Moving around like crazy. Crying like crazy. Letting out howling sounds. Ya maybe I was really crazy.........

Now, it's such a funny thing when I experienced that syndrome again, when I already entered SMU.

and for you skeptics, all i said is real.

When something is just too good...

My life in SMU has been quite hectic. No need to elaborate more. I will spend one long blogpost to tell it all.

Too good? What is too good?

I think everything in SMU is just too good.

The building? Cool. The curriculum? Excellent. The facilities? No need to ask.
And the people?

You think the smart people are the ones with spectacles, carrying books around, and most of all, not trendy?

The people in SMU :

Smart.... check. No doubt!
Sociable... check.
Rich... er.. depends.
Trendy... check.

Don't you just hate it? Common people usually have the stereotype about these trendy+stylish people. They think these people's errands are just shopping, making themselves pretty, doing their hair, doing their make up...

In SMU? Yes that girl is very trendy. Look at that tanktop and miniskirt! (I hope she doesn't get frozen by the super chilly temperature in SMU's rooms) Look at that coloured hair!

And guess what? She's got straight A's! She was the best student in her previous poly/jc!

Don't you just hate that? It just seems too good...

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

definitely not wordpress-savvy

Oh s**it why did I lose the blogpost I've typed???? Gah.

Yea people, I'm planning to move to wordpress......... If I could configure it.
I hope that it's that damn good as always promoted by Aditya. =P
"More flexible, more freedom to customize, can do this can do that while blogger cannot, etc. etc. etc...."
just so you know, he really said those. =P

If you guys want to see how a wordpress blog look like, don't hesitate to open his blog as linked on his name stated before. (what a run-on sentence)

Now I'm struggling with completely new things like FTP, MySQL, and whatever it is lah. Hope I can really do that. hahahaha.

Now I gotta go back to my ELW essay and LTB slides.

If only my blog doesn't hold the no-harsh-word policy (well I never said that did I? Never mind. =P), I would really love not to censor these words below :

F**k all this assignments! What a s**t! D**n d**n d**n!!! Just die you f**kin assignment!! Die die die!! If only you could die.

Hmm. Okay. That relieves me a bit. =P

Have a good day people, while I won't have mine.

Lessons of Life #4

Lesson #7
(might only apply to SMU students)
Don't come home before your tasks are finished.
You might fall asleep... Until morning!